Hunstanton Heritage Gardens

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Hunstanton Heritage Gardens stretch from the Green through the Esplanade Gardens and round the cliff top to the lighthouse.

Hunstanton Heritage Gardens

The Hunstanton Heritage Gardens is a public open space located over the only stretch of the eastern coast that faces west. It offers spectacular sunset views across the Wash. It covers an area of approximately 6.8 hectares and is the only significant open space within the town of Hunstanton. Being predominately linear in shape, it is located between the promenade on the west and the main road through Hunstanton (Cliff Parade) on the east.

The gardens consist of a range of different features that make up the overall project and park site, all of which have equal significance and importance.

The Hunstanton Heritage Gardens are formed by a number of open space areas and gardens along the promenade of Hunstanton.

The Green - a large open space divided by the road into the upper and lower green. It is at the heart of the resort and naturally inclines towards the promenade. It looks over the Wash and the site of the former pier that was destroyed in 1978 in heavy storms. It is a flexible green space that offers opportunity for a range of large events.

The upper section houses the Town Sign and the Grade II listed Town Cross - It is thought to have been relocated to its current position from Old Hunstanton, when the resort was founded by Henry L’Estrange Styleman Le Strange.

The lower section contains the ‘Butterfly Shelters’ that were installed during the 1960’s. It also contains public conveniences and the Bandstand that is still regularly used over the summer months.

The Esplanade Gardens - a traditional Victorian Promenade Garden consisting of formally laid out annual beds. The layout has remained remarkably unchanged since its origination.

The Edwardian Pavilion, also located with the Esplanade, holds interpretation materials provided by the Hunstanton Civic Society.

Cliff Parade - open space runs from the Esplanade Gardens to the north. It consists of a wide expanse of amenity grass, interspersed with three Victorian shelters that date back to 1898. Furthermost north, it reaches the medieval Grade II listed remains of St Edmunds Chapel.

Site Information
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Heritage Gardens, Hunstanton, PE36 6BQ, Norfolk
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Nearby Attractions
Attraction 1:
Hunstanton Wolf Trail
Explore the gardens and cliff top scenery to trace the story of St Edmund, Hunstanton’s most famous visitor and first patron saint of England. The story and legend or St Edmund, Hunstanton’s most famous visitor can now be explored by a series of way markers which lead you from the cenotaph in the cliff top gardens to the dramatic cliff top location of St Edmund’s chapel.
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Attraction 2:
Ruins of St Edmund's Chapel, Hunstanton
The chapel, now in ruins, was erected in 1272 in memory of St Edmund who landed at Hunstanton in 855 to be crowned King of East Anglia. He led an army against Viking invaders but was defeated, captured and martyred. He became the first patron saint of England.
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Attraction 3:
Hunstanton Cliffs
0.44 Miles Away
The famous red and white striped cliffs at Hunstanton are an eye-catching attraction. Have fun discovering the history and nature of the area by looking for creatures in the rock pools on the beach below or taking a leisurely stroll to view the old buildings perched on the cliff top.
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Attraction 4:
Hunstanton Lifeboat Station
0.53 Miles Away
Hunstanton Lifeboat Station has seen several different types of rescue craft during its history. It saw the RNLI’s first motor tractor and today it operates an inshore B class Atlantic 85 lifeboat and one of only four inshore rescue hovercraft.
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Attraction 5:
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Heacham
2.5 Miles Away
St Mary's is a 13th century church with many interesting architectural features. We have a particular association with Pocahontas through her marriage to local squire John Rolfe.
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