King's Lynn Walsingham Way

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An historic 29-mile King’s Lynn to Walsingham pilgrim trail will soon be officially launched.

King's Lynn Walsingham Way
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A 29-mile King’s Lynn to Walsingham pilgrim trail is currently going through a rigorous testing process and will soon be officially launched to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing, green tourism, heritage discovery, and support fantastic village businesses along the route.

This extensive route provides a fantastic opportunity for walking and cycling in achievable sections (note: it is advised that at least one section of the route is only suitable for walking and mountain bikes), naturally split into rest stops and stages by religious building destinations dotted along the way.

Depending on your destination, you will either start from the King’s Lynn Minster in west Norfolk or the Walsingham Shrine location in North Norfolk, or can choose to join the 29-mile route at any key point or religious site along the way.

The historic King’s Lynn to Walsingham pilgrimage was followed by English Kings and Queens before the Reformation in the 1530s. The trail largely consists of flat and uneven surfaces presenting an easy to mild challenge along the way for those on foot or by cycle.

Start from The King’s Lynn Minster

The western start of the trail begins from the majestic King’s Lynn Minster. The Minster is situated in the historic Saturday Market Place in the heart of King’s Lynn.

Founded by the first Bishop of Norwich, Herbert de Losinga, in 1101, it has offered a welcome to pilgrims and visitors for over 900 years.

Historical buildings
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